MXBROTHERS is a company providing motocross or just accommodation from 3 days cater for all ages and ability, from beginner to pro level and we have a holiday to suit everyone, whether this is based around one of the major motocross events or if you prefer to just ride and have time to experience in the center of motocross in Europe in Belgium, Lommel. 100 Meters from we have karting.

Our packages include accommodation, fully prepped bikes, trackside support and a full-time host who will also take you to experience the MX shopping in Lommel, evening entertainment. Or you can come with your own bike and just rent a workshop and accommodation.
You’ll experience some of the best tracks in the world in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, riding together with pro MXGP riders, and see why everyone’s talking about motocross in this area.

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Belgium, Lommel

Lodewijk De Raetstraat 81


+32 470 81 33 14

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